Collection: Fair Anita

Fair Anita is challenging norms within the fashion industry and creating supply chains in the most ethical way they can imagine: investing in changemakers and centering artisans throughout every part of the process. They believe accessories should be stylish, affordable, and thoughtfully-sourced. They go beyond fair wages, investing in the individuals who breathe life into each of their products. Their cooperatives prioritize the full humanity of each artisan: paying 2-4x minimum wage, plus health insurance and educational scholarships. Their artisans are innovators in using sustainable, often recycled materials, and they're constantly adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of their beloved communities.

  • Fair Anita works with 8,000+ women in 9 countries
  • Most of their artisan partners are survivors of sexual or domestic violence. Financial insecurity is the #1 reason women stay with abusive partners, so our goal is to give women the resources they need to make informed choices for their lives.