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30 Days of Mindful Eating - Reset Journal

30 Days of Mindful Eating - Reset Journal

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Introducing our Guided Mindful Eating Journal! This journal is your ultimate companion to restore your relationship with food over the next 30 days. Packed with valuable tips, practices, journal prompts, and affirmations, it will guide you through a transformative journey.

Designed to help you identify and understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around eating, this journal also focuses on developing a mindful relationship with food. By promoting more mindful, conscious, and intentional eating behavior, it empowers you to make positive choices that nourish your body.

Throughout the journal, you'll find thought-provoking journal prompts and empowering affirmations. These will assist you in reconnecting with your hunger signals, recognizing emotional eating triggers, tuning into your body's fullness cues, practicing self-compassion, and making mindful food choices.

Whether used independently or as part of a structured mindful eating program, this journal is your key to developing new behaviors and attitudes around food. Each day, you'll reflect on your behavior and attitude toward food, unlocking insights and building a positive relationship with what you eat.

This ebook offers 114 pages of content and can be printed or used digitally with apps such as Goodnotes.


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