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Building Better Amistades eBook

Building Better Amistades eBook

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65 Page Free eBook and Workbook Combo

Building Better Amistades eBook and companion workbook is designed to get you thinking about friendship, being a great amiga, and choosing the best friends possible.

Friendships develop under a variety of circumstances and while many are healthy, some aren’t. Toxic friends can cause real trauma and leave good people feeling badly about themselves. It’s important to choose and maintain friendships based on healthy relationships that are equal and reciprocating.

This eBook and workbook will help you take a deep dive into the world of la amistad and dissect what it means to be and have good friends. It’s quite possible that you have the best and most solid friendships in the world, but if you’re like most people you’ve encountered some hiccups along the way. Also, it’s possible that you may be engaging in unacceptable friendship behavior that you may want to stop so you can be the best friend possible and attract the healthiest people into your life. You can’t expect to have great friends if you aren’t a great amiga.


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