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Ten Thousand Villages

Duea Olive Wood Pocket Prayer Cross

Duea Olive Wood Pocket Prayer Cross

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The Duea Olive Wood Pocket Prayer Cross is hand carved from sustainably harvested olive wood and made with high-quality artisan craftsmanship. Featuring a unique thumb groove design for improved concentration and calming effects, it's the perfect portable stress-relief companion. Find comfort in the natural beauty of this eco-friendly alternative to plastic fidget toys. Available only in the US.

Materials: Olive wood - Includes a card attached with string to the top of the cross Measures: 2.5"H  
Colors: Natural
Handcrafted in the West Bank


Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) celebrates ancient craft and wisdom through trade—a nonprofit NGO that improves the lives of marginalized groups across Palestine by bringing their goods and stories to market.The goal: Equality and justice by creating sustainable and equitable business models with a better work environment for makers who work with olive wood, embroidery, mother of pearl, olive oil soap, felt wool, and recycled products.Established in 2009, BFTA became the first guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in the Middle East in 2015. Through trade relationships with organizations like Ten Thousand Villages, BFTA reaches new markets, doubling its sales in the past few years, and improving the quality of life for hundreds of artisans and their communities.

Country: West Bank

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