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Eclectic Woodchuck

Hematite Bead Wrap Bracelet with Cross Charm

Hematite Bead Wrap Bracelet with Cross Charm

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Hematite is iron rich, believed to be a grounding force if worn. Add to that the simplistic beauty of this silver metallic stone and you can't go wrong. The wood carvers of Palestine use only tree trimmings and wood from unproductive olive trees for their carvings, sustaining their olive crops. Each piece is cut, sanded, and varnished to preserve the beauty of the graining olive wood is known for. Wood grain is unique to every piece and will change in color & pattern depending on how it falls within that carving. Hematite and acrylic bead One wire spiral wrap bracelet Silver tone cross charm

Measures approximately 17" overall length

*WFTO Member*

Made by hand is uniquely beautiful. Our products are made by humans, not mass produced on automated machines. Minor imperfections and variations are to be expected as a characteristic of the artistry. Please appreciate these individualities for what they are, a maker pouring their heart and soul into a unique and beautiful piece of work.

Country: West Bank

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