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Our Lady of Guadalupe - Eco-Safe Sticker

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Eco-Safe Sticker

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Introducing our Lupita (Our Lady of Guadalupe) Eco-Safe Sticker! Show off your spiritual side with this eco-friendly sticker. Perfect for your notebook, laptop, or water bottle, this sticker will help you stay green and keep you looking spiritual! So slap this eco-saint sticker on your belongings and you will be blessed!

Size: 1.65" by 3 " Eco-Safe

Materials: Eco-Safe Stickers are the perfect solution for individuals who care about the environment and want to make a difference in their own small way. These eco-friendly stickers are durable and 100% recyclable, further reducing the amount of waste directed to landfills. The adhesive used is gentle and non-toxic, ensuring a strong hold that won’t leave any residue or harm the surface it is applied to. Water-based ink is used which ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors without harsh chemicals.

Country: United States

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