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Stick Incense, Sage -10 Stick Pack

Stick Incense, Sage -10 Stick Pack

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Looking for an alternative to smudging? Meet Stick Incense in Sage.  It is a beautiful and fragrant way to cleanse your space, but also supports fair trade practices and is gentle on the environment. Hand made in Nepal using traditional techniques and all-natural ingredients, these sticks burn for 45-60 minutes. Handwrapped in environmentally-friendly Lokta paper sleeve. Ten sticks per pack.


Global Groove is a fair trade organization working with women by supporting and developing artisan co-ops in Thailand and Nepal. The Fair Trade industry is expanding and part of a sustainable movement that is changing lives. They design, develop, produce and source fairly traded lifestyle products with a commitment to the sustainability of production and the cultural heritage of the artisan groups.  They create inspirational products symbolic of traveling experiences. Global Groove encourages travel because the knowledge, acceptance and understanding of different ways, people and ideas is the very colorful road to a respectful, safer, kinder world.

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