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Ten Thousand Villages

Wingtips Ring

Wingtips Ring

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Discover timeless gold-plated brass jewelry with a twist. Our Wingtips Ring features an adjustable band with unique cutout designs and a cool, stylish look. Artisan-made with pride and care, you get a handcrafted piece that will last for years.

Materials: Brass
Measures: .75"D
Colors: Brass
Notes: Adjustable band
Handcrafted in Nepal


Association for Craft Producers (ACP) is a nonprofit group that provides design, marketing, management and technical services to low-income artisans, the majority of them women, providing regular, fair wages. In addition to a central production and design workshop, the association maintains a full-time staff. ACP also owns retail outlet called Dhukuti in Kathmandu, Nepal. ACP has successfully balanced its business priorities with a strong sense of social obligation. Producer benefits include medical and counseling services, a savings program and retirement fund, paid maternity and paternity leave, education allowance to encourage education especially of daughters, low-interest loans for producer groups, clothing and household allowances, and seminars on health, nutrition and women’s rights. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from ACP since 1987.

Country: Nepal

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